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  • Finish faster without rushing
  • Understand more of what you read
  • Make the most of your vocabulary
  • Gain confidence and focus

Here's Some of What You'll Learn...

  • The number 1 thing most students do wrong that kills their score, and the simple fix that lets you score much higher than you might have thought possible
  • How to tell which parts of the passage you must pay attention to, and which parts you don't have to worry about
  • A powerful method for getting more sentence completions right, without learning more vocabulary
  • The crucial question you must ask yourself after you've finished reading a passage. This answer alone will guide you to the correct answer to 80% of the questions
  • How to read faster and finish the sections on time, without rushing and making mistakes
  • How to overcome test anxiety and increase your confidence and focus

What You'll Find Inside The Course

Module 1: Reading Passage Mastery

Seven powerful video lessons that show you how to find the main idea of a passage and use it to answer almost all of the questions correctly.

This technique is so powerful it's like putting on 3D glasses. Learn it, and questions that were a complete mystery become as clear as day.

Module 2: Sentence Completion Confidence

Four powerful video lessons that show you how to maximize the vocabulary you ALREADY know to answer as many sentence completion questions correctly as you possibly can.

There's no quick fix to a better vocabulary. Many people make the least of theirs. Learn this and you'll be certain that you're not missing questions you actually know how to answer.

Module 3: Bonuses and Further Study

  • The SAT Quick Fix Study Guide - essential tutorials on all 3 sections of the SAT and a step by step study plan
  • Critical Reading Answers Explained - so you can learn from your mistakes, not suffer in frustration from them
  • How to Overcome Study and Test Anxiety - the crucial last step to your highest score possible

Look What Other People Had To Say

Since I started following your method, my test score in Critical Reading has greatly improved from a 620 to a 740. The tip on focusing on the passage and it's main idea really turned things around. Imagine, sections I found difficult to finish in 25 minutes I now finish under 17 minutes. This a life saver.


Thank you sooo much for this. All I did was follow your questions and answers, and went according to it. It worked big time! I got a 510 CR on the October SAT, and a staggering 690 on my December SAT (after following your advice that is). Great work Jeff, and I heartily thank you!


Hi, I just received my scores, I had a 147 PSAT and I now have a 1770 SAT! 300 points! 630 Reading!


I got a 2230 on the SAT I took in January. Thank you Jeff! I feel motivated now! And yes, the CR tips you gave account for a lot of what I've scored.


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